Clay pitcher

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Traditional clay pitcher made in Catalonia by Antoni. Its original function is to cool the water and keep it fresh during summer meals. You will not be able to resist the sinuous shapes of this handmade pottery. Its handle on the top, and sides with a mouth to fill it with water, and a spout to drink are unique and authentic features of this object. Relic from old family tradition, this creation can be adapted to modernity and be used as a decorative element for your home.

It is recommended to place a small plate on the bottom of the pitcher due to its material. Clay is a porous material that transpires on the bottom of this vessel, slightly moistening the cylinder.
Tip: You can only store water, refrain from pouring other liquids.

There are two available sizes.

Big model
Measures: 30x18cm.
Capacity: 3 liters

Small model
Measures: 24x16cm.
Capacity: 1 liter