About us

And here is MEZZO.
A place for discovery. An ode to the Mediterranean and its creatives, its craftsmen.

On MEZZO, you find everyday objects, well-thought-out and well made, characterized by a strong link with the territory on which they were created. Each creation has a story. Each piece is timeless.

Our values are authenticity, respect and simplicity. We think it is important to reconnect with simplicity and give time to others and things, respecting the creative and productive processes of our craftsmen.

Mezzo is also an invitation to travel in a creative Mediterranean. On our website you read stories, you discover places, you know people and you can buy authentic, beautiful and above all Mediterranean products.

In Italian, mezzo has various meanings. Some of them fantastically summarize the reason of the project:

  1. mezzo means Middle or point or stretch of space that ideally divides a space into two equal parts. In the middle of the road, exactly as Mediterranean Sea.

  2. mezzo is also a way, a help, a tool that is used to reach an end. Let's think about the work of the craftsman.

  3. mezzo means competence and ability. This reminds us the creativity and the craftsmanship skills.

    Let’s visit, discover and buy authentic products from one of the most beautiful places in the World, the Mediterranean. 

Photos by:
- Mercé Gost Photo (Catalonia) mercegostparera.com
- Raphaël Poletti (Corsica) 
- Luca Anticaglia (Umbria, Italy)